About us

Who we are...

HISTERESIS S.R.L. was founded in 2007 and started working with VARIAN, now Agilent Technologies Vacuum Product Division, as an exclusive distributor for their products in Romania. Shortly, our company has gained the necessary trust and was rewarded the chance to be the exclusive distributor with successful sales figures for many companies that provide useful equipments from various fields of activity for research and industry.

We are specialized in the distribution of high-technology equipment both for scientific and industrial activities  on the Romanian market and in the Republic of Moldova. We have managed to extend ouractivity so as to cover various fields of activity from laser, optics and spectroscopy  to vacuum activity and cryogenics.

What we do

We offer the necessary expertise for spotting the best solutions within the research projects developed within important fields of activity such as physics, chemistry, analytical and environmental sciences but also for university and high-school didactic purposes. We collaborate with and provide support to a wide range of universities, research centers, and industries.

For our clients, we have selected the best producers from the market:

Lumibird - world leader in pulsed solid state lasers;
- Agilent Technologies - Vacuum Products Division, world leader in vacuum technologies (dry pumps, turbomolecular pumps, ionic pumps, leak detection, vacuum measurement etc.);
- Avantes - offers miniature spectrometer systems for online measurements and analysis;
- Jung Instruments GmbH specialized for Combustion and Elemental Analysis, BET Analysis with Areamat and Areameter; its products are designed both for scientific and industry purposes;
- Nanovea - professional solutions in the fields of nano/micro/macro profilometry, mechanical, tribology, imaging and other related fields of materials; research & development industries;
- Teledyne Princeton Instruments  - world leader in manufacturing CCD, ICCD, EMCCD cameras and spectrometers;
- Allectra- leader in high and ultra high vacuum components;
- Altechna - Lithuanian laser technology company group specialised in laser components.

In the photonics & electronics fields we also distribute the products of various partners: ‚Äč

- Laservision- Germany (laser protection equipments)
- Hamamatsu -Japan (detectors, photonics)
- Neocera - USA (PLD & PED systems for thin film deposition)
- Crystalaser – USA (diode pumped solid state lasers)
- IPG Photonics– USA (high power fiber lasers)
- SPECS - Germany (Energy Spectrometers, Electron Beam Evaporator, Reflection High Energy Electron Diffraction XPS, UPS, AES, ISS, STM, LEEM/PEEM, LEED, SIMS, SNMS and HREELS
- Joachim Richter e.K.Systeme und Maschinen -Germany (Industrial marking technology,automation, material flow, assembly and handling)
- ASI/Larimax- UK (Design and Manufacture of Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers and Residual Gas Analysers)
- Yenista -USA (Designs, Manufactures and Markets Fiber Optic & T&M Used in a Broad Range of Applications)

Partners in the vacuum technology :

- Oxford Instruments - UK  (cryogenic systems)

- NOR-CAL UK - vacuum components

- AMP Sp. z o.o. - Poland (vacuum furnaces, atmospheric furnaces, atmosphere generators, furnaces for thermo-chemical treatment, industrial washers using eco-friendly washing agents)

- Ecovide – Italy (Vacuum components, Sputtering vacuum metallization systems, Solar tracker andcustomcooler, Vacuum system with cooling) New Era Syringe Pump Systems-USA (the smartest, most versatile syringe pumps)

Partners with a wide offer of equipments and technology:

- MRC - Israel (laboratory & industrial products, instrumentation, equipment & supplies: Incubators, Ovens, Autoclaves Furnaces, Water Baths, Ultrasonic Baths, Shakers, Mixers, Centrifuges, Hotplates, Stirrers, Pumps, etc.)