Continuous Wave / Modulated lasers

HISTERESIS collaborates closely for Romanian market with  IPG Photonics (Germany) a global leading company in development and manufacturing of high performance fiber laser and amplifiers which can fit diverse applications.

HISTERESIS offers IPG’s wide range of diode pumped fiber lasers:

- Materials processing lasers: diode-pumped fiber lasers and fiber-delivered direct-diode lasers with 1 kW – 50 kW maximum power, extremely compact size, long diode life, completely consistent beam divergence and beam profile at all power levels;

- Mid-infrared lasers (2-5 µm): broadly tunable, compact and powerful that be used in plastic and polymer processing, spectroscopy, non-invasive medical diagnosis.

- Telecom products

- Green fiber laser (532 nm): with high single-mode beam quality, ease of use and high reliability, continuous wave (CW) fiber lasers with up to 50 W power that can fit applications such as: laser pumping, atom cooling and trapping, PIV applications, interferometry, and quasi-continuous wave (QCW) fiber lasers with energy of 100 W and 500 W that can used for solar cell manufacturing, welding and cutting of high reflective materials, semiconductor wafer annealing.

- Multimode diode lasers: these are fiber lasers with single emitter from 10 W up to 60 W out from 110 µm single core fiber used for laser pumping, material processing, micro-plastic welding and direct diode laser systems operating at 980 nm used for cladding, brazing, heat treatment.

- 1 Micron YAG lasers and amplifiers

- 2 Micron Fiber Lasers

- Cutting & Welding Heads

- Microprocessing Systems: these are turnkey systems with advanced automation software for manufacturing processes. The systems are equipped with UV lasers with high precision production-grade beam delivery components, can include air bearing stages, automated machine vision and motion control systems.