Laser safety

HISTERESIS puts safety on the first place and brings you the highest quality products for your safety against laser radiation and health protection during working in your lab.

As a result to our close and strong collaboration on the Romanian market with Laservision, a company with 30 years experience in building products against laser radiation, we can offer the best products on this field:

- Laser safety eyewear: for all wavelengths and types of lasers (DPSS, fiber laser, pulsed laser, etc.)

- Laser safety filters: you can have your Laser safety goggles based on coated or absorptive plastic or glass filters

- Laser protection windows: made from mineral glass or plastic, these can guarantee you safety in OEM industrial laser applications or lab laser application by building the chamber you need around your laser.

- Large area protection: this can be your solution for laser applications that needs shielding against laser radiation in large working areas or public areas.

Our portfolio is completed in this field by our collaboration on Romanian market with Noir Laser Shields (US) a leader in the eye-safety industry by maintaining a singular focus- to develop a comprehensive line of safety eyewear for coherent and non-coherent light sources. This  give us  the possibility to offer you top quality products as laser shields for all wavelengths, certified googles frames and laser windows.

NoIR LaserShields