Lasers beam analysis

For your best laser beam shape analysis, HISTERESIS offers you highest quality products from DataRay: a company dedicated to develop standard and custom laser beam characterization solutions that exceed customer expectations. Available for all wavelengths form 190 nm to 14 µm you can have in your lab CCD, CMOS, and Si microbolometer beam profiling cameras, scanning slit beam profilers that offers real-time M², divergence, focus, and alignment measurement, available with Si, Ge, InAs, and InGaAs detectors for 190 nm up to 3.9 µm and the last but not the least you can have multiple accessories for beam profilers (beam attenuators, optics, translation stages, UV and IR converters, detectors, slits and apertures)

For laser power and energy measurement HISTERESIS provides highest quality products from all range of Gentec EO products, a pioneer company with 40 years of experience in this field:

- Monitors: with touchscreen or without display (PC connected), various sizes and types that certainly fit your application that can read both energy and power of your laser or just one of them.

- Energy detectors: you can choose from a wide range of pyroelectric sensors that covers from 1.3 mJ up to 150 J

- Power detectors: thermopile and pyroelectric sensors for accurate measurements and fast response that can be provided with various absorbers which have the highest damage threshold in this category.

- High power solution: sensors for power up to 25 000 W or higher on request

- Photodetectors: for both power and energy measurements with sensitive sensors and performant electronics that gives the possibility to measure energy as low as a few femtojoules or picowatts in power

- THz detectors: pyroelectric sensors, very easy to use even at room temperature, allowing measurements from 70 µW up to 3 w, with the aperture form 2x2 mm up to Ø 12 mm.

- OEM detectors

- Special products: ultrafast joulemeter (measure every pulse up to 200 kHz), position sensing detectors, etc.  

Gentec EO