ALTECHNA Altechna has 19 years of experience in providing laser optics and highest quality custom solutions to the world’s largest manufacturers of femtosecond lasers, academic, and industrial customers.

HISTERESIS presents a 25 year experienced company in optics - Standa Lithuania. It has it's own industrial base that includes CNC turning, milling, grinding machines and design department witch developes the best optical products on the market ...

HISTERESIS is representative of LASER COMPONENTS with portfolio containing various lasers, detectors and other optical and electro-optical components and modules of many well selected international manufacturers, complemented by their own line of ...

HISTERESIS offers you DataRay: dedicated to develope standard and custom laser beam characterization solutions that exceed customer expectations.

HISTERESIS offers you Gentec EO:  a pioneer company in this field, providing quality solutions for laser power and energy measurement 



HISTERESIS is representative of PI Physik Instrumente - motion & positioning systems: a global market and technology leader in the field of precision positioning technology with accuracies down to nanometers

Imagine Optic is our partner in Romania specialized in wavefront sensors and adaptive optics for optical metrology, lasers and microscopy.