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If you organize an event focused on technology/research/development & education in the fields covered by our company, we will be happy to analyze a possible collaboration as an exhibitor, sponsor etc.


Please contact us here by sending an e-mail and a short description of the type of event you want to organize.  

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HISTERESIS attended to Nuclear Photonics 2018 conference

HISTERESIS attended as sponsor and exhibitor to Nuclear Photonics Conference held in Romania at Brasov during 24-29 June 2018.  


For the second time Nuclear Photonics brought together leading scientits, researches and research scholars from around the world involved in the develpoment of ultrahigh intenisty lasers and gamma beam systems, nuclear physics and applications to exchange and share their experience and most recent results in the field.


The main topics discussed had been about fundamental nuclear science and spectroscopy , laser-plasma nuclear physics, high intenisty laser-plasma interaction, nuclear medicine including radiography and radiotherapy, industrial non-destructive material imaging and evaluation, isotope specific, photon-based hadron beams and applications, photon-enabled pulsed neutron generation and science, nuclear astrophysics and cosmology, gamma-ray science above the giant dipole resonance, strong field QED. 


Thank you for you presence at our stand!