Vacuum Components & Systems

HISTERESIS offers a full range of vacuum components, including :

► Standard and custom vacuum chambers

► CF & KF flanges and fittings

► Gate valves, angle & in-line valves

► Viewports and glass components

► Electrical, optical and fluid feedthroughs

► In-vacuum connectors and cables

► In-vacuum motion and manipulation

Our main partners in this field are Agilent Technologies Vacuum Products Division (Italy/USA), Allectra (Germany) and VAT (Switzerland).For specific components we can collaborate with other manufacturers. Moreover, we can propose complete solutions of Vacuum Engineering and manufacturing of Custom Vacuum Systems, mainly through our partner ECOVIDE (Italy). Other possible partners for specific projects: UHV Design, KJ Lesker, MDC Caburn, Nor-Cal etc.

We can find the optimum solution for all your vacuum projects !


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