Histeresis va invita la prezentarea camerelor Princeton Instruments

HISTERESIS has the pleasure to invite you to the presentation of Princeton Instruments 
Physical Science Imaging and Spectroscopy Cameras

Discussion topics & application notes:

>“Introduction to Spectroscopy”
>“Fundamentals of time resolved imaging and spectroscopy”
>“Applications and detector technologies for soft x-ray/VUV energy range”
>“The use of shortwave IR (SWIR) imaging and spectroscopy in life and physical science research”
>“Introduction to low noise, single photon detectors”

Presents: Ravi Guntupalli - Vice President of Sales & Marketing Princeton Instruments
Dr. Silke Schulze - Sales -Roper Scientific GmbH

Special presentations:

Conf. Dr. Silviu Octavian GURLUI - Facultatea de Fizica IASI - Universitatea Al. I. Cuza.
> Use of a PI-MAX ICCD Camera for Studying the Dynamics of Laser Ablation Plasmas and LIDAR Spectroscopy
Dr. Catalin M. TICOS - Head of Accelerators Laboratory - INFLPR Magurele
> High speed imaging of plasma 

Organized at
Biblioteca Nationala de Fizica -Magurele
03.03.2016 at 11:00

You are welcome!