ACS300 Gen3 Coater/Developer

Powerful Solution for Advanced Packaging Applications

 Suss Microtec is happy to introduce the new generation of our fully automated ACS300 platform. The modular system of the ACS300 Gen3 Coater/Developer is specifically designed for high volume manufacturing of advanced packaging applications, such as wafer-level chip-scale packaging, fan-out wafer-level packaging, copper pillar flip-chip packaging and 3D packaging.

The platform stands for sophisticated coating, developing and baking functionalities, excellent configuration and process flexibility and a high degree of process control ensuring high yield and throughput. It has the smallest footprint on the market for a system with eight spinners (coater and/or developer), saving costly cleanroom space.

The SUSS ACS300 Gen3 Coater/Developer features the latest in technology, addressing the growing demand of a highly competitive and cost-sensitive market.


+ Reduced footprint due to module stacking
+ Flexible process configuration
+ Advanced process monitoring and control
+ Efficient chemical handling

HISTERESIS is representant of Suss Microtec in Romania